USO No-Dough Dinners

USO No Dough Dinners are a year-round program held at the USO Great Lakes Center, Bldg. 27, located on the historic Naval Station Great Lakes base, Great Lakes, Illinois. USO No Dough Dinners offer a free, hot meal to military and military families in a friendly, ‘home away from home’ environment in the USO’s facility. USO No Dough Dinners are served in the center every Thursday beginning at 5 p.m. USO No Dough Dinners typically serve between 400-600 military members and their families. Specific No Dough Dinners are underwritten by companies, clubs or other organizations who then actually man the serving line to dish up plates to feed the troops.

Many of the military customers that utilize the USO Great Lakes Center and come to the No Dough Dinners are Junior Sailors attending military specialty schools on Naval Station Great Lakes; however, all branches of military service are welcome—including Army, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. USO No Dough Dinners also attract many military families, along with spouses and their children, who may have a parent serving overseas.

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