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USO Illinois is happy to announce that our center at Naval Station Great Lakes has reopened at limited capacity, in accordance with Naval Command health and safety regulations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. USO is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of our service members, their families, our staff and volunteers. Our USO Great Lakes center has opened as a “Grab n’ Go” facility.

On our reopening day, USO Great Lakes served 232 sailors in just two hours.

“It was an incredible experience for everyone and a massive morale boost,” said Jeremiah Avers, USO Great Lakes Center Manager. “We are looking forward to seeing everyone in the coming days.”

Service members and military dependents with a valid dependent ID, and access to Naval Station Great Lakes, may visit our facility to retrieve snacks, beverages and recreational items. While the Centers’ seating areas are currently closed, USO continues to work with local agencies to prepare for the next phase of reopening our facilities.

USO Great Lakes will operate from 11AM – 1PM Monday through Friday. We thank you for your patience.

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