USO Midway Opens New Facility for Navy Graduates

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The USO will be opening a new facility at Midway International Airport to support the Navy Sailors graduating from Recruit Training Command Great Lakes. This facility will act as a resource for sailors arriving at 2 AM to Midway International Airport after graduation to fly to their next duty station.

Midway International Airport security does not open until 4AM, which leaves many graduates stuck for several hours in the airport’s lobby. USO Illinois recognized the need for a space to ensure these graduates and their families have a comfortable place to wait. A room was designated in baggage claim with the support of Midway International Airport management.

The USO Midway baggage claim space will allow sailors to charge their phones, have something to drink, and watch TV. This room is only for graduating sailors and will only be open until the last sailors passes through security. This new resource will make their time here much more comfortable.

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