B 23… I 12…G 5…O 62…BINGO!

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Since May, the military community has gathered around their computer for seven exciting interactive sessions of one of America’s favorite pastimes…. Bingo! Not only do the games promote quality family time and friendly competition, but they also create a time for USO partners to show their appreciation for our service members and their families. To date, our VIP guest Bingo game callers have been: Clark the Cub and Tommy Hawk, Chicago sports mascots; and Fred, the host of 103.5 KISS FM’s “Fred + Angi in the Morning!”

“COVID-19 has had a huge effect on our military families. I’m truly appreciative of the joy USO brings to our military families. Although we are homebound, our service member is still standing watch. Family time is very important and the USO allows us to have these moments of connection and relaxation. Thank you!” – S. L., Proud Military Spouse

Thanks to PepsiCo for their continued support of our USO Tickets for Troops program!

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