Local Family Supports Veterans Day through USO O'Hare Donation

Anne Elliot likes to instill a sense of community and philanthropy in her four children; Grant, Harry, Avery and Robert; ages 2 - 9 years old. On Veterans Day, November 11th, Anne and her children visited the USO O'Hare Airport Terminal 2 Center to drop off delicious Jimmy John’s sandwiches for service members using the facility.

“We live a very comfortable life and I like to take every opportunity to get my kids involved in service projects in our local community,” said Anne. “When we walked into the center, I was amazed. There were these young sailors who had just graduated from boot camp, not much older than my kids, getting ready to go to their next duty post. I told my kids these amazing men and women are the real super heroes.”

Published December 19, 2016

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