USO Great Lakes - No Dough Sponsored by BMO Harris Bank

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Dough can run a little low for military families right before payday. But for service members stationed at Naval Station Great Lakes, there’s a way to grab a tasty, healthy meal when cash is tight.

Since 1999, USO Great Lakes has been serving No Dough Dinners to provide troops and their families with free, hearty meals right before their next paycheck shows up. What began as a monthly free dinner has grown into a bi-weekly, and sometimes weekly, program. USO Great Lakes Center Director Chris Miller says it’s one of the center’s most attended events.

On September 1st, BMO Harris Bank hosted a No-Dough dinner serving over 350 service members and their families. After touring the center, BMO Harris leadership decided to fund some desperately needed updates to the entertainment options at the Center, including 4 new TVs, 2 iPads, a PlayStation 4, an Xbox 1, new USB Charging stations and games for both adults and kids! ! Thank you BMO Harris Bank for ensuring that USO Great Lakes remains a place of respite and a Home Away From Home for our sailors!

Published September 28, 2016

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