Partnership Profile: West Monroe Partners extends service and dedication to the USO Illinois

The USO Illinois’s mission is to not only provide programs and services to military in Illinois, but also to be a bridge between the civilian and military communities. Since 2013, West Monroe has been partnering with the USO Illinois as part of their 1+1+1 program to improve local communities. West Monroe is a business and technology consulting firm that partners with dynamic organizations to reimagine, build, and operate their businesses at peak performance. Through this program, West Monroe demonstrates its pride in extending their time, talent and treasure to the nonprofit organizations that are near and dear to their employees’ hearts - like the USO Illinois.

Over the past 3 years, West Monroe has partnered with the USO Illinois on a database assessment and subsequent re-implementation, data cleaning, systems and infrastructure upgrades, email marketing, event management and overall program management. In addition to donating their time, they have also had a ton of fun outside of the office - supporting No Dough Dinners, Clark After Dark, the Gala, and donating tickets to Cubs games!

“A core value at WMP is that we don’t just want to do well; we want to do good. We know that our success ultimately depends on the health and viability of the people, communities, resources, and environment around us. The ability to make a difference in our communities is only possible through the freedoms afforded us by the past and present sacrifices and protection provided by our military service members,” said Scott Fuzer, Director of West Monroe’s M&A practice and USO Illinois Board Member. “Partnering with the USO Illinois allows West Monroe to demonstrate our appreciation for our service members, their families, and all they have done for our country.”

Scott oversees the Program Committee in his role as a member of the USO Illinois Board. He works with an internal committee of Board Members that share in his commitment to supporting current and former military in the local community. Thank you to our partners at West Monroe for supporting the USO Illinois and continuing to help us grow on all platforms.

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