USO Great Lakes Serves Up Authentic Chicago Hot Dogs

“Put the ketchup down,” could be heard ringing through the halls of USO Great Lakes as hungry guests built their own perfect Chicago-style hotdogs. On May 24th, USO Great Lakes opened its doors to 350 service members and their families for “Authentic Chicago Hot Dog Night.”

Tyson Foods donated over 500 premium all beef hotdogs. Alpha Baking Company provided Chicago-style poppy-seed buns. Cases of ketchup and mustard were provided by Kraft/Heinz and Vienna Beef provided Chicago Hotdog Décor. All this would not have been possible without USO Great Lakes volunteer, Bruce Nathanson, who created the event and helped to solicit donations!

Thank you to Bruce Nathanson and our friends at Tyson Foods, Alpha Baking Company, Kraft/Heinz and Vienna Beef for their support of USO Illinois.

Published July 13, 2018

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