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USO No Dough Dinners are a monthly program held at the USO Great Lakes Center located on historic Naval Station Great Lakes. USO No Dough Dinners are a free meal to military and their families in a friendly, ‘home away from home’ environment. Not only is this an opportunity to show our support for the military community, but it allows for stronger bonds, friendships, and memories to be built in this community. These programs are sponsored by military friendly organizations, companies, and clubs and often times send volunteers to help out at the event and express their gratitude.

While the majority of those who attend No Dough Dinners at USO Great Lakes are sailors stationed at NAVSTA Great Lakes, these events are open to all currently serving military (active duty, guard, or reserve), military spouses and dependent youth of all branches of service.

To find a current schedule of No Dough Dinners, visit the EVENTS tab on this website.

HOW TO SUPPORT: If your corporation would like to support a No Dough Dinner, please email

Upcoming Events

  1. USO Great Lakes- Billiard Tournament & Hosted Dinner 

    Naval Station Great Lakes, Center

    530 B Farragut Ave. Building 27 Great Lakes, IL 60088

    Pool Tournament and Wings! What a great way to enjoy a laid back thursday night. Come hang out with us at the USO Great Lakes Center. #USOIllinois #USOGreatLakes #USOTournament

    Feb 23rd, 2023 5:15 PM CST (1715S)

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